Alternative Education

Forest School meeting social and emotional needs

How does Forest School help children and young people who find conventional schooling challenging?

In some instances they have either been withdrawn or have withdrawn themselves from schooling, Forest School ensures that this does not mean a withdrawal from society.

Starting a new group...

During the first sessions we at Forest School for All will gain as much information as possible about the young person to be able to tailor the provision to their learning style, previous experience and be person-centered.  We will continue to establish their levels of self-esteem and confidence and work to improve these during their Forest School sessions.

These early sessions form an introductory programme, with a diverse range of experiences which will enable Forest School for All to have a better understanding of all the individuals in the group and their learning abilities.  Developing a hands on tailored programme will enhance both practical and emotional learning for all individuals and the group as a whole.  This time will also enable Forest School for All to start building a 'significant other' relationship with the individuals which is crucial to the aim of new learning and emotional development.